This business has been started by Michael, a long time Pakenham resident, fed up with the fact that no dealership operates in the area. The primary goal of Pakenham Firearms is to provide the same or better service you can get anywhere else, just close to home. Obviously, non locals are also more than welcome.
 Michael's introduction to firearms came in the form of Clay Target shooting several years ago, he has competed in many clay target competitions primarily specialising in Skeet shooting, but also competing in Down the Line (DTL) and Sporting Clays. Unlike some other dealers, Michael actually knows what is required in a competition shotgun and can provide expert advice to anyone wishing to take up the sport.
 Having been introduced to firearms, Michael discovered an appreciation for firearms past just shooting them. He discovered his passion for repairing and restoring beat up firearms, with a particular fancy towards western firearms. As a qualified professional Mechanical Engineer it is Michael's belief that firearms represent the epitome of mechanical systems. Beautiful in their form and embellishments, accuracy in manufacture beyond anything else and mechanisms timed to perfection. It was this interest in restoring that led Michael to create a website www.firearmbluing.com.au to document some of the projects undertaken.
 I look forward to meeting and building relationships with the local shooting community and hope that by opening a local store, you can spend more time stalking deer or at the range and less time in your car traveling to a distant dealership.