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Horizone Air Bourne Deluxe Field Package Camo RH

AUD $799.00

Horizone Air Bourne Deluxe compound bow with lightweight magnesium riser.

Advanced quad limbs with fully adjustable high speed cams giving fast flat trajectory arrow speeds of 315 IBO.

40 – 70lb draw weight (adjustable)

17-30″ draw weight (adjustable)

Brace height: 7″

Axle-Axle distance: 31″

Speed: 315 IBO fps


Package includes:

Bow, 5 pin fiber optic sight, brush rest, self align peep sight, D Loop, deluxe quiver, deluxe stabiliser, wrist sling, string silencers, limb silencers, string stopper, 5 x carbon arrows, padded bag, caliper release aid.


Ships within 1-3 days

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