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Reproduction Winchester Ladder Sight

Winchester Ladder Sights, proudly Australian made. These sights are a copy of the original, with some minor improvements. Milled from steel stock, not sheet metal. The slider is held with a spring, exactly as per original. The ladder pushes against the barrel when flipped upright to give a positive engagement of the upright ladder, this is shown in the final image. This feature is also as per the original.

This ladder sight was used on the Winchester 1873, 1892 and 1894 Carbine models. Winchester 1873 carbines came standard with these after serial number 90,000 from the factory. Winchester 1892 used these ladder sights until late production. The Winchester 1894 carbines came from the factory with this ladder sight up to serial number 1,000,000.

Note that all other models, sporting rifle etc… could also be ordered with this ladder sight from the factory. This product can be used on any Firearm with a 3/8″ 60 deg dovetail.

The screws on this reproduction are not the same thread as the original, the original screws are no longer made and would make this product very expensive as they would need to be custom made. This reproduction uses modern metric screws that are as close as possible to the original (handy when you accidentally loose one).

Refund Policy

Our refund policy is compliant to Australian Law. As per Australian Law the following points apply:

  • You are not entitled to a refund for change of mind.
  • You do not want to consider purchasing this sight if you are not the slightest bit handy or know someone that is. The original Winchester sights were hand made and hand fitted to each gun by gunsmiths, this is why we recommend the sights are fitted by a gunsmith. Things like barrel contour, octagonal vs round barrels, the condition of the dovetail will all effect how this sight works. Some fitting and minor modification such as slight bending and filing will most likely be required. Do not purchase this sight if you are not willing to do this work or you do not want a gunsmith to fit it for you.
  • We do not offer return shipping from International destinations. Please note that the current price (2024) to ship a small parcel from the USA to Australia is approximately US$75. If you are intending on purchasing this sight just so you can meet your own curiosity with the intention of returning it, please don’t purchase.
  • You are entitled to return shipping on this product and a refund or replacement if you can verify that it is broken or does not work as intended. The following are not examples of meeting this requirement:
    • You decided for some reason to pull the sight apart and have lost the spring. Please note that every one of these sights are inspected before shipping, they never leave the shop without the spring. We are happy to help you with a replacement spring if you accidentally loose yours.
    • You do not understand how the sight works. This sight is a copy of a sight that was first designed somewhere around 150 years ago. The original design is probably not the best designed sight ever invented. If you think that you are buying a sight that is going to give you a competitive advantage at the local iron sight rifle competition, please do not purchase this sight. This is not the intention of this product, it’s intention is to be as close as possible copy to the original.
    • The sight does not fit into the dovetail. This sight is for 3/8″ dovetails. These dovetails are very common on a lot of firearms. Almost all lever action and pump action firearms of USA origin or copies of such have 3/8″ dovetails. However, the tolerances of these dovetails are very fine. Some manufacturers produce guns with dovetails that are tighter, some produce dovetails that are looser. Fitting a sight is relatively easy, you will need a set of very small files or shim stock depending on if the sight is too loose or too tight. Please note, the larger screw in the middle of the base is not for tightening the sight into the dovetail, it is simply for protecting the ladder when it is folded over from being damaged.
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Reproduction Winchester Ladder Sight (44a)


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