Gunsmithing Services

Michael is a Mechanical Engineer with plenty of experience machining, restoring and fixing. What started off as a firearm restoration hobby turned into a fully catered for firearm dealership. Michael does work for people all over Australia. Pakenham Firearms has the equipment and know how to perform rust re bluing (slow blue), which is almost non existent elsewhere in Australia. The workshop is well stocked, if we cannot do your task in house we know someone locally that does. Checkout Michael's restoration work at or on our Youtube channel.


We can perform the following work:

- Rust bluing

- Trigger work

- Installing mid beads on shotguns

- Putting break open guns back on face

- Repairing ribs

- Mounting scopes

- Tightening the bite

- Jewelling

- Polishing and buffing

- Recrowning

- Shortening Barrels

- Recheckering stocks

- Refinishing stocks

- Shotgun barrel honing

- Threading barrels for muzzle brakes

- Shotgun Dent Raising

- Case Colour Hardening

- Ultrasonic cleaning and more


A Pakenham Firearms specialty, with extensive experience restoring many antique firearms for clients all over Australia. Your restoration project is safe with us.


Lever action not cycling properly? Shotgun misfiring? Cases not ejecting? Bring it in for an obligation free quote to get you back in action.


Trigger pull causing shot placement issues? Want to slick up your lever action? Maybe just a mid bead needed on your shotgun? We can help with all of these and more.