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Reproduction Winchester 3 Leaf Express Sight

Reproduction Winchester 3 Leaf Express Sight, proudly Australian made by Pakenham Firearms. These sights are a copy of the original, with some minor improvements. Milled from steel stock, not sheet metal. Most originals are very hard to find with all the “leafs” in tact as they were very hard to lift and lower resulting in them snapping off. These reproductions are much easier to lift and lower, however care should still be taken.

Leafs are marks 50, 1 & 2 for 50, 100 & 200 yards, just like the original.
Note that all models could also be ordered with this sight from the factory. This product can be used on any Firearm with a 3/8″ 60 deg dovetail.

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Reproduction Winchester 3 Leaf Express Sight


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